Intro to the Slot Machine, “Trojan King”

Developer Just For The Win has made its ‘Kingdom’ series of online slot games a trilogy with the release of Trojan Kingdom. What took root in Ancient Egypt with the Scarab Kingdom, moved to South America with the Amazon Kingdom, and is now firmly established in the Ancient Greek world with the Trojan Kingdom. All three are common options since they provide a wealth of exotic sound and images that studios may utilize to color their games, although none of them is particularly unusual. Can Just For The Win, who has used them effectively in the previous two spots, do so again?

The ancient city of Troy, in what is now Turkey, was the site of one of history’s most famous conflicts, from which the kingdom takes its name. But with the help of poetic license, Just For The Win has constructed a vast, foggy, almost cosmic setting, one that is more akin to Olympus than Troy. It’s a lovely place, any way, and it serves as a reminder of the continuing appeal of Greek mythology. I can’t speak to how historically accurate the audio is for Just For The Win, but I can say that the sound designers did a great job of adding to the excitement whenever anything noteworthy occurred on the board, such as a particularly impressive victory.

To this point, the only real differences between the three Kingdom slots have been the settings and some minor adjustments to the features. Trojan Kingdom is played on a 5-reel, 4-row game panel with 30 paylines for landing winning combos of 3 to 5 of a type, and this configuration has remained unchanged. In keeping with precedent, Trojan Kingdom is a highly volatile slot that provides players with many payout percentage options. Here, it peaks at 96.12% but drops to 94.17% and 92.150% sometimes. Bets range from 25 p/c to £/€25 each paid spin, and players may play on any device.

The initial set of symbols consists of eight standard pay tiles. Payouts for full houses range from 1 to 1.5 times the initial wager for the four low card values (J to A), followed by 2 to 4 times the initial wager for a full house of vases, lyres, or helms. The highest paying symbols are a man and a lady, and they both pay out whether they land completely or partially visible, up to four spots high. For these two sorts, a victory with five of a kind pays ten times the wager. The wild symbol is useful for completing winning paylines since it may stand in for any of the standard pay icons.

Features of the Trojan King Slot Machine

Wild Scrolls, the pick-me Queen’s Bonus, free games, and Super Free Spins are just a few of the goodies you may unlock in Trojan Kingdom when you gather bonus symbols.

Accumulating Bonus Symbols

A Bonus Holder sits above each reel. Now, bonus symbols can only appear during the main game and, if they do, they will fill up a section of the Bonus Holder. The Wild Scrolls feature is enabled on a given reel when three of the identical Bonus Holder segments are filled. Each bet maintains the Bonus Holders, Wild Scrolls, and remaining reels.

Untamed Texts

The regular game, free spins, and Super Free Spins are all playable with Wild Scrolls enabled. Wild Scrolls are activated in the base game by placing a Wild Scroll symbol on the central position on the corresponding reel. This symbol moves down the reel by one spot with each subsequent spin. As soon as the Wild Scroll fills a whole reel, it disappears before the following round of play begins. Free spins icons may be viewed through active Wild Scrolls, however bonus symbols cannot land on Wild Scroll reels.

Royal Bonus

The Queen’s Bonus may be triggered at random during the main game by collecting at least 1 Bonus symbol; however, it cannot be activated at the same time as free spins. The Queen’s Bonus causes the appearance of 12 golden things. A player can select one at a time to find out which of four kinds of Bonus Coins they have won. Prizes are awarded when three of a kind Bonus Coins are found. This might be either blue (15x the stake), green (40x the bet), red (250x the bet), or purple (10,000x the bet).

Bonus Turns

In the standard game, the Free Spins symbol appears on reels three, four, and five; getting three of these triggers an undetermined number of free spins with a win multiplier of 2x. Wild Scrolls begin at the top of the third reel at the beginning of the round, and if a new wild lands, a new Wild Scroll begins at the spot where the new wild landed. Active Wild Scroll reels are immune to receiving Wilds. The number of free spins is reset if no more Wild Scrolls appear.

Amazingly Free Turns

One point is added to the Super Free Spins Upgrade Meter if precisely two Free Spins symbols appear during regular play. When 3 scatter symbols appear again, activating the feature, your Free Spins will be upgraded to Super Free Spins if you have collected 20 points. The meter remains at 20 points for the duration of each bet level. During the Super Free Spins bonus round, the win multiplier is x7 instead of x2, and the top two reel positions on reels 2 and 4 are initially occupied by two Wild Scrolls. Otherwise, the standard free spins rules apply.

Slot Verdict in the Kingdom of Trojan

The inclusion of some aspect of Greek history or mythology in an online slot machine may be as prevalent as it gets, but nothing achieves that level of familiarity without good cause. The Trojan Kingdom theme was used by Just For The Win, who created a slot that looks and sounds rather nice. Both those looking for a new slot with a Greek theme and those eager for the third installment in the ‘Kingdom’ series should find something to their liking here. The music and sound effects really added to the thrill of winning large or being close to a huge payout. Some of the images have an almost cartoonishly land-based quality, but hey, it simply adds to the beauty of Trojan Kingdom.

Now that we’ve gotten over the sensory realm and into the mechanical, the Trojan Kingdom really has more in common with the Amazon Kingdom than the Scarab Kingdom. The primary changes include a higher maximum Queen’s Prize and a 7x multiplier for Super Free Spins (up from 5x in the previous game). When compared to the Scarab Kingdom and the Amazon Kingdom, where the highest payout was 5,000x, the Trojan Kingdom offers a whopping 10,000x. More than enough of an incentive to bring back the players that enjoyed the past two games Just For The Win hosted.

In conclusion, Trojan Kingdom was a fun and engaging video game. Given that the game’s rules appeared to be unchanged from the prior release, high hopes were not precisely warranted. However, Just For The Win done enough with the visuals and audio to intensify the action in Trojan Kingdom, making it better than expected. The final product may not be particularly original from a thematic or gaming standpoint, but it may provide hours of entertainment for the proper player.






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